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Juan Alemañy-Oliver

Juan Alemany-Oliver

Juan Alemañy-Oliver

Juan Alemañy-Oliver was raised in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Juan was mentored by his maternal grandfather, who was a sugarcane plantation chemist (both in Puerto Rico and Cuba) and a tobacco grower in Puerto Rico, where he owned a hand-rolled cigar business. Juan expresses the love of his Latin culture through these paintings; art has been his passion since childhood. Juan's depictions of cigars, rums, and wine are indicative of his personal upbringing and serve to preserve memories from his childhood, as well as the not so distant past.

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Puerto Rican Themes: Rones, Vino y Tres Reyes

Rones de Puerto Rico

Rones de Puerto Rico

Wine Art


Blues by Juan Alemany



Tres Reyes